Overview of 5th Grade

An Overview of Fifth Grade Curriculum

 Reading: Stress on vocabulary and comprehension for meaning and understanding.  Comprehension skills include vocabulary, main idea, steps in a process, problem and solution, story elements, making inferences, and drawing conclusions. These skills, as well as regularly completing text-dependent analysis passages will help us study for the State Reading test in the spring.  We hope to peak our students interest in reading by having a wide variety of literature and book projects.  Students will be expected to read 40 minutes a night as part of their Reading homework.

 Spelling: Sitton Spelling techniques will be used along with words from our Reading series this year.  We will send home lists for your student to study with every new story in Reading.  We will look at spelling patterns with our word lists every week.  There will be an assessment about every two weeks to determine if students are using their words correctly.  Students will be asked to keep a word work journal for Spelling and daily assignments will be completed in these notebooks.

 English/ Writing: We will work on grammar skills, sentence structure, correct usage of punctuation and capitalization.  We will look at types of words such as nouns, verbs and adjectives.  We have adopted the “Being a Writer” program.  This program uses mentor texts to help the students learn how to become proficient writer’s   We will also develop and use proofreading and editing skills, and do a great deal of creative writing.

  Math: The students will continue working in “Go Math!”  We will group the 5th graders based on Acuity test results.  They will do hands – on lessons that will help them practice number sense, algebra, probability, data analysis, geometry, story problems, computation of multiple step problems and estimation.  It is essential that students have their basic facts memorized.  Please make sure to practice multiplication and division flashcards at home with your child.  The flashcards will be provided by the school.  We will also have Math Acuity practice and State Testing online throughout the year.       

  Social Studies: In Social Studies the students will be learning about the American History.  We will take an in-depth look at how our Nation was founded.  We will start with the early explorers, the establishment of the 13 colonies, the events that lead up to the Revolutionary War, the Revolutionary War, the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. 

  Science: We will learn forces, motion and energy in Physical Science; heredity and the flow of matter and energy in ecosystems in Life Science; and the sun’s energy and warming effects, weather, climate and the seasons in Earth and Space Science. 

 Keyboarding: We will be planning to use the computer lab and laptop cart to teach the basics to typing on the computer.  We will learn emphasize the home row and typing without looking at our fingers with proper posture.  We will use the website www.typingtest.com to help train the students. 

 Homework: Homework will be sent home every night with the students.  Students will bring work home that was not completed in class during the day.  Students are responsible for completing their homework every night. Their homework assignments should be written down in their assignment notebooks.   If homework is not completed the consequence is a detention that is before or after school the following day.  Transportation for the detention will be the responsibility of the parent/guardian.  Students that leave the classroom for Strings, Band, Chorus or Challenge are asked to make up any missed assignments as homework.

 Specials: Students attend the following specials Art, Music, Physical Education, Library, and Guidance.  All specials are in a 50 min. time block.  You will find a specials schedule attached and one is located on my webpage.  Guidance is held once a week for 45 minutes. 

 Behavior: We use a system of steps in the classroom.  A child is allowed 4 steps throughout the day.  The 1st step is a warning.   The 2nd step is a loss of recess.  The 3rd is a loss of recess and a time out in another classroom.  The 4th and final step is a visit to our Positive Action Center or a visit with Mrs. Cloyed our Principal and a loss of recess.  Parents will be contacted when we feel we need to have a discussion about behavior in the classroom.   

 Grading: The students will start receiving letter grades this year.  We do not grade daily work, but the students are expected to complete it.  Their effort grades will be affected by their completion of daily work.  You will find grades on quizzes and tests.  A quiz or test that is considered to be formative (during the unit or chapter), is eligible to be redone and turned in the next day for a better grade.  A test or project that is considered to be summative (at the conclusion of a unit or chapter) is not eligible to be redone for a better grade.