Parent Information

 A Parent Communication Booklet is sent home every day in a green folder. There is a behavior calendar that should stay in the folder so that you will know how your child is doing every day.  Please sign this calendar on a daily basis.  The folder may also contain important information or announcements.  It is very important that your child brings this folder back to school each day. You may send notes, lunch money, and other information back to me in the folder. This will help to create a routine and continue the communication between home and school. Please make sure that the folder is returned to school every day and that you check it each night.

Discipline: Students know the class rules, school rules and procedures. They are expected to follow them. In our classroom, each student has 3 colored cirlces, which resemeble a stoplight (green, yellow, and red). A student begins the day on green.  If a rule is broken, a verbal warning is given. If it continues, a circle is changed to yellow and “think time” is given in the room. If it continues, a red circle is turned and “think time” is given in another room. If the problem continues, the student may visit our PAC facilitator or office. If there is a problem, there will be a note in the Parent Communication Booklet (in their green folder) with a brief description of the problem.

Lunch Menu will be sent home every two weeks.

Read to and with your child every day, if possible. The more your child is exposed to language, the easier it will be for them to incorporate new skills in reading and writing in the classroom.

Please take time to read the student handbook. You will find general information about Springville Elementary, health rules and medical policies, safety rules and guidelines, discipline policies, and other helpful information. When parents understand the expectations of the school, they are able to support and encourage academic success in the education of their child.

Most importantly let us work together to be the best we can be for the good of your child!  Open communication and positive reinforcement are key to a successful school year!

Contact Info

Mr. Jason Koba 
Springville Elementary School 
7400 North 60th St. 
Omaha NE 68152 

(402) 572-0130