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 A printer-friendly version of the Book Project handout can be found in the module beneath this one.
  In fourth grade, instead of doing book reports we will have Book Projects.  Students will choose to do FOUR book projects from the list on four DIFFERENT books.  One book project will be due each quarter.  Students may choose any four projects they would like to do.  Each student will sign up to present ONE of his or her book projects to the class.  Along with the book project, students need to attach a three-paragraph summary about the book: What was it about? Did they enjoy reading it? Would they recommend it to someone to read?
The first book project will be due Tuesday, November 22.
** Please do not turn in the Book Project before the due date. **
Book Project Ideas:
  • Write a poem about the book and illustrate it.
  • Make a dictionary of 10 new vocabulary words you learned in the book, write the definitions, guidewords, and parts of speech.
  • Make a crossword puzzle or word find using words or characters from your book.  
  • Make a shoe box filmstrip.
  • Create a diorama to represent a part in your story.
  • Rewrite the ending of the story and illustrate it.  
  • Make a t-shirt to make a design about the book.
  • Make stick puppets of your favorite characters on a puppet show.
  • Design a mobile using 6 different characters, events, or both to illustrate your book.
  • Make a 5-7  page picture book showing the most important parts of the story.
  • Design a poster to advertise your book.  Write a paragraph about the highlight of your book.
  • Produce a book jacket that could be used for your book.
  • Draw a chalk or watercolor picture of the scenery and special events in the book.  
  • Create a collage related to the book, or scene in the book.
  • Draw a cartoon strip of the most important events in the story.
  • Make a time-line of events in the story.  Add a cover with your own design on the front.
  • Pick a classmate to help you put on a TV show to advertise the good qualities of your book.
  • Write a letter of appreciation to the author(s) of the book telling them why you like the book.
  • Write a letter as if some of the characters were talking to each other.
  • Create your own book project idea! 


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