Daily Five

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Daily Five


This year, students will be participating in a program called Daily Five during the reading block. In addition to using our regular basal curriculum we will also be incorporating Daily Five.  This framework title refers to the five parts of literacy centers. The Daily Five consists of:


Read to Self

Read to Someone

Listen to Reading

Work on Writing

Word on Word Work


Daily Five Components:


Read to Self-               Students must read daily on their “just right” level to become better readers.

Read to Someone-    Reading to someone helps students practice strategies.  Students become more fluent and check for understanding.

Listen to Reading-   Listening to reading allows you to hear fluent reading and learn new words, building vocabulary knowledge.

Work on Writing-    Students build writing and reading skills by practicing writing on daily topics that interest them.

Work on Word Work- Students work on word building activities to improve spelling, writing, and reading skills.


We have gotten off to a wonderful start with Daily Five. The students are enjoying the variety of activities and becoming better readers and writers.  Thanks for your support as we learn together!

Mrs. Lindsay Ledesma

7400 N 60th Street

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