Parent Information

     1.) Positive Discipline System


- Springville Students are taught Character Counts in every classroom. Students focus on a new character trait each month. We do lessons in class to learn each trait and apply it throughout the year at home and school. The six character traits are citizenship, respect, caring, fairness, trustworthiness, and responsibility.


- Our positive discipline system coincides with the Character Counts program. It also stresses accountability. Students are encouraged to make helpful choices.


- Our positive discipline system is explained, step-by-step, in the student handbook.



2.) Grading System


- Report card grades include class participation, retaining and applying information learned, group work and written work. Homework grades are also calculated into daily class participation.


3.) Assessments and Evaluations


- CRT (Criterion Reference Test) is a district test to assess mastery over certain concepts. Students are to demonstrate 80% mastery of the skills taught. For students who do not master the skill, I will reteach the skill using a different approach.


- CAT (California Achievement Test) is a national test that will be given in March. Students will prepare for this test throughout the year. Most of the concepts on the test align with our curriculum. I will be discussing this in greater detail in the future.


4.) Homework, Green Folders, and Yellow Envelopes


- As I mentioned previously, homework is given every Monday and Thursday. Homework is due the following day. If a student does not return his/her homework, their consequence will be no recess until it is completed. 


- The yellow envelopes are a very important item. They will contain information from school, PTA, and myself.  They are sent home each Thursday and are to be sent back to school on Friday.  Many handouts go home with the youngest or only child registered at Springville.


- The green folder goes home every night with a calendar and serves as the main way for you and I to communicate about your child’s education.  Any notes regarding lunch, rides, office paperwork, etc. may be sent in the green folder.


5.) Lunch


- Our lunch period is from 11:40-12:10. You are more than welcome to join your child for lunch. It’s quite exciting to eat with a family member!


- Lunch money is collected daily. Students should turn in their money at the beginning of the day, so I am able to send it to the office with our attendance.


- Lunch menus are sent home twice per month and students are able to choose hot lunch, box lunch, or salad.

Mrs. Lindsay Ledesma

7400 N 60th Street

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