Sitton Spelling

Sitton Spelling



Sitton Spelling is our new spelling curriculum.  Weekly lists will no longer be sent home and weekly tests will no longer be given.  Each week, however, students engage in “word preview” which is similar to a spelling pre-test.  After the preview, correct spellings of each of the words are given and students rewrite each word, whether correct or incorrect on the preview.  Words that need more practice are sent home and are to be studied and learned at home. There are also various spelling activities that are sent home from time to time as homework


Spelling is taught in the classroom by using words in context.  This means we are practicing spelling words that we encounter in our reading, writing, and daily learning.  We focus on skills and phonics and generate lists of words as a class.  


**All spelling related papers that come home have been copied on green paper.  Watch for the green!!

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