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Green Folders


  Every night your student will be bringing home their green folder. The folder will contain the student’s behavior calendar and any notes or papers sent home by me. The behavior calendar should be looked at every night.  Lunch money, notes, or other papers that need to be delivered back to school can go back into the folder and I will get them the next morning.



  Behavior Guidelines


In 2nd grade we use a color system for behavior. At the start of each day every student will be on the color green. Students know the classroom and school rules, but if a student chooses to break a rule they will get ONE warning. If the student breaks another rule they will have a color change to yellow. If a student continues to break the rules they will be on red. In addition to color changes students can be sent to a different classroom for a short break or be sent to the PAC room to fill out a problem solving form. If a student gets a color change I will send a note home stating the reason for it. The student will need to bring back the note the next day with a parent’s signature.



Every Monday and Thursday night your student will have a small homework assignment to complete. They need to bring back their homework the next day in their green folders. If a student does not complete the homework they will need to sit out of recess for 5 minutes and complete their homework the following night. Having homework twice a week will help develop responsibility skills and extra practice with standards at home. Students should also be studying their spelling words every night as well. Thanks for your support.




Every Monday students will be taking home a Spelling List to study for the week. During the week we will be using these words in reading and writing. It is important for the students to study these words during the week at home. We will be taking a Spelling Test every Friday at the end of the week. Thanks for practicing with your child.  

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