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Postive Discipline System

We use a school-wide discipline system that coincides with the Character Counts program.  Throughout the year, students learn and practice the following traits:  citizenship, respect, caring, fairness, trustworthiness and responsibility.  This system also stresses accountability.  Students are encouraged to make helpful choices.

We use a step/color change system in the classroom to monitor behavior.  Each day, students will begin on green. However, if students make poor choices throughout the day, their color may change.  We use a clipboard to keep track of student behavior, which also goes to our specials.  If students have a "green" day, they will be able to put a marble in our marble jar.  Students work together to fill the jar and are held accountable for their actions.  Once the marble jar is full, students earn a reward!  


Subject Overview

For our literacy block we will be using the Daily 5, a new program that centers around students being fully engaged in reading, writing and word work activities.  Students learn to work independently in stations.  For the past several weeks, I have been modeling each component and the students are practicing.  The results are immeasurable!  We will have four stations:  Read to Self, Read to Someone, Work on Writing and Word Work. The fifth station will be small grouping with the teacher.  The ultimate goal of the Daily 5 is to help our students become better readers and writers.

Writing is a huge focus this year.  Students have been writing since the first week of school and will continue to throughout the year.  We will be writing personal narrative paragraphs, along with creative writing.  Students will be able to create a story using all five story elements and they will also be writing summaries of books they have read.  Writing will be integrated into all subjects.



We will be learning our basic math facts to 20 and introduce 2-digit addition and subtraction.  We will be learning place value to 100, patterns, geometric shapes/figures, telling time, money skills and graphs.


Our Science curriculum includes using scientific inquiry, learning and exploring the states of matter, researching plants and animals and changes to the Earth's surface caused by weather.


In Social Studies, we will be discussing communities. cultural differences, reading a map and how to work together to improve their community.








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