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GO Folders


The GO Folder will be our daily communication. It will be sent home every day and will need to be returned the next day. In this folder will be your child’s behavior calendar and homework assignments. I will also use this folder to send home office notes or notes from me. Any notes you have for me or the office please send in the GO folder.


Behavior Calendar Guidelines


In Third grade, we use a color system for behavior. All students will begin every day on GREEN. Students know the classroom and school rules and procedures. When a rule is broken, a child will receive a WARNING. If another rule is broken a child will have a YELLOW color change. If the problem behavior continues and another rule is broken then the child will receive a RED color change. In addition to the color changes your child might be given some think time, time in another room, receive a PAC room referral, or Principal’s office referral. Color changes will be marked daily in the appropriate color on your child’s calendar. If your child has a RED color change at the end of the day I will write a note or call home. I know that this will be a positive learning experience. Reinforcement and positive reminders at home will keep Third graders on GREEN everyday!




In Third grade we have homework. All homework should be done in pencil (or crayons if they are called for) and is expected to be returned the next day. When bringing any homework home your child will transport it in their green go folders. Students will be bringing home any unfinished work from the day to be completed and returned the following day. Also, every Monday night the weekly word pattern list is sent home for practice. Math practice will be homework almost every night, unless it is completed in class. Every night third graders can study math facts, read silently, or practice reading and math skills on the computer using IXL. All homework is a previously taught skill and should require little or no assistance from parents.  

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